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Democrats fear GOP redistricting end-around

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Democrats are worried their Republican rivals will find a way to remove Gov.-elect Tony Evers from the all-important legislative redistricting process.

Democrats maintain GOP legislators and Gov. Scott Walker unfairly redrew legislative district boundaries in 2011 to consolidate their power. They point to the Nov. 6 elections as proof. Democrats captured all four statewide constitutional offices but gained only one legislative seat.

The state is scheduled to redraw the maps in early 2021. Evers will be in office then and could veto any Republican-drawn maps.

Democrats worry Republicans are drafting a lame-duck bill that Walker could sign in December to deprive governors of having any role in redistricting. Republican lawmakers also could simply adopt their own maps in 2021 and argue current state law doesn’t give the governor a role.

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