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Safety board calls for revisions to study after explosion

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The U.S. Chemical Safety Board wants federal environmental regulators to re-examine a 1993 study on hydrofluoric acid following an explosion at an oil refinery in Superior last year.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that the board wants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to review its study to gauge the effectiveness of existing regulations and the propsects of using safer technologies in refineries. About a third of the nation’s 150 refineries still use hydrofluoric acid to produce high-octane gas.

An explosion at the Husky Energy refinery in Superior in April 2018 sent debris within 150 feet of the refinery’s hydrofluoric acid tank, leading to an evacuation of a large part of the city.

Mel Duvall, a spokesman for Husky, tells WPR that the refinery has installed additional protections since the blast.

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