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Drunken driver busts through barricade into I-94 work zone in Racine County

Racine County officials say a drunken driver crashed through a barricade and drove the wrong way into a section of Interstate 94 that had been closed for construction early Monday morning.

Racine County Sheriffs arrested Courtney Bronaugh, 29, of Mount Pleasant after receiving a report at 2 a.m. Monday of a vehicle driving on a flat tire through an I-94 work zone. About four hours earlier, all southbound lanes of I-94 from State Highway 20 to Highway 11 had been closed to let crews work through the night.

Bronaugh later told investigators that she was heading home on I-94 from Milwaukee when she was forced to exit at Highway 20 because the lanes were closed. She said “someone” told her to get back on the interstate using an adjacent on-ramp. The entrance to I-94 was blocked off, and she drove around several barricades and crashed into another, causing “significant damage” to the barricade blocking the closed construction zone, according to authorities.

“There were numerous pre-warning signs regarding the closure as well as traffic barrels and barricades put in place to protect the workers who were present throughout the night,” according to a news release from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

Back on I-94, Bronaugh drove past a work vehicle and more barriers before turning around. A construction worker who called the sheriff’s office reported seeing her vehicle turn around and drive south in the northbound lane.

Authorities found her driving the wrong way on I-94 at about 20 mph, missing a tire and riding on the rim, which was “severely damaged.” Sheriffs arrested Bronaugh for second-offense Operating While Intoxicated and reckless driving/endangering safety in a work area, among other offenses.

“We would like to remind everyone to be alert to the construction areas and detour signs that are posted,” sheriffs wrote in a release. “They are in place to ensure the safety of the workers present and the motoring public.”

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