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View from around the state: Haribo factory gains swift approval in Pleasant Prairie

In contrast to the continuous questions about Foxconn’s project to the north, there’s Haribo to the south.

Quietly back in the news, the world’s leading manufacturer of fruit gummi and licorice products is planning to build a manufacturing plant as expected in Pleasant Prairie.

The Village Board last week approved the initial phase of the Haribo of America development, which will get underway this fall in the Prairie Highlands Corporate Park.

Jean Werbie-Harris, community development director, said a related warehouse is expected to be completed by next fall and the manufacturing plant itself by the fall of 2021. The new factory is expected to employ 450 workers and produce or store as many as 132,000 pounds of the gummi candies annually.

The full campus will include other retail and promotional operations, daycare and fitness centers, a museum and a heliport. Details from those plans were not yet included in the submission to Pleasant Prairie.

At the Plan Commission meeting earlier this month, Mike Pollocoff, a Pleasant Prairie board member on the commission, said Haribo is bringing an “excellent development” to the village.

“We’re looking forward to the next phase of this construction, and Pleasant Prairie’s very pleased you chose us here,” said Mike Serpe, Plan Commission chairman and Village Board member. “I guarantee you won’t regret that decision.”

Haribo, the German manufacturer known for its Goldbears gummi bears, is moving to where demand of its product is great, and its plans have been steady moving forward.

Last November, Rick LaBerge, chief operating officers of Haribo of America, told the crowd at FaB (Food and Beverage) Wisconsin’s annual meeting:

“We’re excited to be working so closely with the people of Wisconsin as we make plans to build our first-ever U.S. factory in Pleasant Prairie,” he told the 400 attendees. “I’m so happy to be here to represent Haribo of America and to hear about the incredible initiatives FaB is leading to promote the growth of the food and beverage industry in Wisconsin.”

Katie Waller, vice president of marketing for Haribo of America, said at the meeting, “Haribo showed up so well, our support of the local community was clear, and it was a proud moment for us.”

Globally, Haribo employs nearly 7,000 people and operates 15 production sites in 10 countries.

Pleasant Prairie stands to gain a top employer.

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