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Water authority surpasses phosphorus-reduction goals

DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit provider of drinking-water and wastewater-treatment services says it has surpassed federal and state regulators’ goal for reducing phosphorus levels.

The Great Lakes Water Authority says it has reduced phosphorus levels by 60% — accomplishing that well before a state goal would have had those levels reduced by 40% by 2025. Phosphorus levels have been reduced in treated and discharged waters from the authority’s Water Resource Recovery Facility.

Phosphorus runoff from agriculture fertilizer is largely responsible for the massive algae blooms that give water in parts of western Lake Erie a pea-soup color. The blooms have also resulted in tainted drinking water, fish kills and beach closings.

The water authority provides service to nearly 130 places in southeastern Michigan. It is working with other organizations to reduce phosphorus runoff into Lake Erie.

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