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Wisconsin Assembly passes electric-scooter regulations (UPDATE)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Assembly has signed off on a bill to regulate electric scooters on roads and sidewalks.

Under the bipartisan proposal, scooters would not be permitted on roads and sidewalks unless they weighed less than 100 pounds and would have to abide by a 15 mph speed limit. Local governments could prohibit use on sidewalks or streets with speed limits of more than 25 mph as well as restrict public rentals.

The city of Milwaukee sued Bird Rides Inc. last year after the company began renting scooters out there without there being a regulatory framework for the devices. The city and the company reached a settlement this past May calling  for the company to bring the scooters back once such a framework is in place.

The Assembly approved the bill on a voice vote Thursday. The Senate passed it earlier this month. It now goes to Gov. Tony Evers.

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