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Worker killed at Volk Field was replacing runway lightbulbs

CAMP DOUGLAS, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs is saying a worker killed at Volk Field Air National Guard Base near Camp Douglas was replacing light bulbs at the time of the accident.

The agency said in a news release Tuesday that the 40-year-old maintenance specialist Nicholas Janz died while performing his duties at the base on Monday. He was pronounced dead around 11 a.m. by Tomah Memorial Hospital’s medical control officer.

Janz had been employed as a civilian at the DMA since 2010. He lived in Warrens with his wife and three children.

The DMA spokeswoman Jackie Halverson said in a telephone interview Janz was replacing lightbulbs on a runway when the accident occurred. She declined to elaborate on what happened to him.

The release says DMA, local and state officials are reviewing the accident.

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