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Hannon makes good in life-long interest in trades

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//August 22, 2019//

Hannon makes good in life-long interest in trades

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//August 22, 2019//

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April Hannon- JM Brennan
April Hannon –
JM Brennan

Ever since she was a child, April Hannon has wanted to learn everything she could about building.

Whether it was construction, architecture or design, all of the topics piqued her interest. So, when an opportunity came along to do sales in the construction industry, Hannon jumped at it.

Hannon, who works in business development at J.M. Brennan, said she loves the people she works with.

“The clients, my coworkers and my industry peers are talented, creative, hardworking people, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals to spend my days with,” she said. “I’m very thankful for (this) opportunity.”

Roxane Fitch, of ECS Midwest, said Hannon has built more relationships in her eight years in the construction industry than many industry veterans have in their entire careers.

Hannon attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

She spent about five years at USA Fire Protection, where she worked in business development and was a sales representative, before joining the mechanical contractor J.M. Brennan, of Milwaukee.

“Many still see construction as a ‘man’s industry,’ but April has made it clear that she belongs here,” Fitch said. “She never does the bare minimum and always over delivers on the projects she works on — staying involved the whole way through.

“Not only does April do everything she can for her company, she serves as a mentor to several young women, and she’s a committed member of charitable committees like the American Heart Association’s Hard Hats with Heart campaign. She makes sure to help others succeed in the industry and never looks for a favor in return. April doesn’t just deserve recognition as a woman in the industry or a young person in the industry — she deserves recognition without qualifiers. She is impressive in every conceivable way.”

Outside work, Hannon enjoys spending time with her daughter.

“She’s busy with ice skating and other hobbies,” Hannon said.

Also, she added: “House flipping is something I’d like to take on in the future.”


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