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Innovator of the Year – Sauron Sanchez, J.H. Findorff & Son

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//October 24, 2019//

Innovator of the Year – Sauron Sanchez, J.H. Findorff & Son

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//October 24, 2019//

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Sauron Sanchez, J.H. Findorff & Son
Sauron Sanchez, J.H. Findorff & Son

Need to see how a construction project will play out in real life, before a shovel ever hits dirt?

That’s where Sauron Sanchez comes in. Sanchez, a virtual-construction and architectural-experience specialist at J.H. Findorff & Son, sets up clients with tablets so they can explore a virtual environment.

That experience can often save time on projects and result in huge savings. It allows for simulated walk-throughs of a building, giving clients a chance to visualize a structure before it’s put up.

“I work with a great team that always delivers and is really good at whatever they are asked to do,” Sanchez said. “When we have a big project we quickly come together to make it happen. It isn’t always easy to rely on someone else to complete a part of a project, but I am happy to continue to be spoiled by my hardworking co-workers.”

Sanchez spent the first few years of his career building and repairing microfilm machines and high-speed scanners for a company in Madison. One of the best moments of his work there was providing technical service to a U.S. aircraft carrier over the phone.

“When Sauron first joined the Findorff team we knew he would expose us to more tools and push the envelope in terms of innovative ways to maximize virtual construction,” said Josh Baysinger, manager of the Virtual Construction team.

Sanchez said the hardest part of his job is sifting through hardware and software systems that initially have promise but end up fizzling out.

“The industry is constantly evolving and if we make an investment in a software/hardware company and the company dissolves, it will reflect on my judgment,” he said.

In addition to pushing the limits of technology at work, Sanchez enjoys playing video and board games.

“When I am not doing anything else, I like to be a YouTube mechanic and walk a fine line between breaking and fixing my truck,” he said.


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