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Deputy injured in construction zone

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A sheriff’s deputy trying to remove a damaged electronic sign from a Milwaukee County interstate median wall was injured when a semi struck the sign, which landed on top of him.

The deputy was trying to pull the sign off the wall about 10 p.m. Tuesday in a construction zone along Interstate 41 when the semi struck it and didn’t stop, according to Milwaukee County sheriff’s officials.

The deputy was knocked to the pavement in a northbound lane. Another responding deputy and a Good Samaritan helped lift the sign off the injured deputy, who was taken to the hospital where he’s in serious, but stable condition.

The signboard had been damaged earlier when another semi struck it.

Sheriff’s deputies will handle the initial crash investigation, which damaged the sign. Officials say the semi driver showed no signs of impairment, but was cited for unreasonable speed and failing to control the vehicle.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is handling the crash investigation involving the injured deputy.

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