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Public Service Commission member Huebsch resigns

Mike Huebsch

Mike Huebsch

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Public Service Commission member Mike Huebsch, a former speaker of the state Assembly, announced Monday he was resigning next month and would not finish his term, which runs for another year.

Huebsch’s departure means that the three-person commission that regulates utilities companies will soon be controlled by appointees of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Huebsch is one of two members who were appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

All three members of the commission are appointed by the governor and subject to confirmation by the state Senate. They serve six-year terms.

Huebsch, from West Salem, served in the state Assembly from 1995 until 2011, working as speaker from 2007 to 2009. Walker appointed Huebsch to be his top aid, leading the Department of Administration, in 2011 and then to the commission in March 2015.

Huebsch, 55, plans to retire, said the PSC spokesman Matt Sweeney.

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