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Officials say Waterloo’s leaking inflatable dam is fixed

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — The leaking inflatable dam on the Cedar River in downtown Waterloo has been rpaired, officials said.

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported that contractors found a slit in the half-inch-thick rubber and repaired it.

Associate city engineer Wayne Castle said the final cost of the project will be significantly below the original $388,350 contract approved in November with J.F. Brennan Co., of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

“We’re not completely done yet, but we should be just under $220,000,” Castle said.

A big reason for the lower cost was that a marine contractor was able to use divers to inspect the riverbed on the downstream side of the dam, Castle said. The original contract anticipated the contractor building a more expensive wall around the inspection area.

The city has inflated the bladder dam since 2009, raising the Cedar River level by about 4 feet to improve boating. It’s usually inflated in June and deflated in October.

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