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Hoffman’s Hanson publishes book on sustainability

Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson

For most of his career, Mark Hanson, a nationally recognized green leader, has focused on sustainability, even before sustainability was the mainstream topic that it is today. Now, the director of Sustainable Services at Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction has raised the stakes by authoring “The Inevitable Solar School, Building the Sustainable Schools of the Future, Today” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019).

“The book describes the two major forces that are driving public and private schools to solar energy,” Hanson said. “These forces are the cost advantage of on-site solar energy and the recognition of climate change. I hope it empowers school districts and private schools to take a second look at on-site solar power, and even pursue zero energy buildings. Ultimately, this effort can go beyond schools to clinics and hospitals, retirement communities, office and government buildings, religious communities, and more.”

The five case studies featured in the book are examples from across the country. In terms of construction cost, they all have one thing in common — each was designed, built, or remodeled at or below regional cost averages. “This speaks to, and dispels the myth, that sustainable schools have to cost more to design and build,” Hanson said.

Hanson has focused his career on sustainable design and project delivery, daylighting and lighting design, energy modeling, HVAC systems review, and renewable energy. He has previously been published in various journals and publications, including Environmental Management, High Performing Buildings, The School Administrator, the Journal of the American Planning Association, Facility Executive, and American School & University. Hanson is also a frequent presenter at conferences in the fields of education and sustainability.

Hanson is a LEED AP® BD+C, a founding board member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and a past chairman of the Wisconsin Green Schools Committee. Hanson served as executive director of the Energy Center of Wisconsin for eight years prior to joining Hoffman in 2001.

“The Inevitable Solar School” is available through www.rowman.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores and outlets.

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