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First Biden, now Sanders, endorses 2 school referendums

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — First it was Joe Biden who endorsed a pair of Wisconsin school district referendum votes that are on Tuesday’s ballot. Now Bernie Sanders is doing the same.

Biden, the former vice president and Democratic presidential front-runner, announced on Tuesday that he was in support of referendums in Milwaukee and Racine. Sanders, a senator from Vermont, added his backing on Thursday.

The Milwaukee referendum would cost taxpayers $87 million, and the one in Racine comes with a $1 billion price tag. They are among more than 40 districts across the state seeking more than $1.6 billion in referendums in Tuesday’s election.

Milwaukee’s money would go toward operational expenses, including staff and programming. Racine’s is for the renovation and construction of buildings.

Neither Biden nor Sanders has campaigned in Wisconsin, saying away even as Tuesday’s presidential primary approached because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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