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DNR: Menomonee Valley clean-up project complete


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The city of Milwaukee has finished a 30-year project to clean up and restore a 110-acre brownfield near Miller Park, state environmental officials announced Monday.

The Department of Natural Resources said that the agency issued a case closure letter to the city on May 1. The letter means that cleanup work within the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center is over and the city has restored the site to the extent practicable.

For more than 125 years the property served as a manufacturing site known as the Milwaukee Road Shops. Workers built and serviced trains and rail cars there as part of the industrial revolution in the mid-1800s. The site, complete with six miles of underground clay-lined sewers and a wastewater treatment plant was underused by the 1960s and eventually abandoned, leaving contaminants such as asbestos and lead were laced throughout the site.

Cleanup work included reusing concrete from rebuilding the Marquette Interchange as fill, restoring the Menomonee River riverbank and creating a 24-acre park.

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