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From problem-solver to solution provider, Halverson does it all

By: Josh Kulla//November 3, 2020//

From problem-solver to solution provider, Halverson does it all

By: Josh Kulla//November 3, 2020//

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Super Super -  Marty Halverson – Tri-North Builders
Super Super –
Marty Halverson – Tri-North Builders

Marty Halverson joined Tri-North Builders in 1989 as a journeyman carpenter, and since then has worked his way up through the supervisory ranks to now be in charge of a team of superintendents working throughout the country.

He obtained his promotions the old fashioned way. He earned them.

“Marty has been with us forever,” said Anna Stern, Tri-North vice president. “We work in all 50 states, and he’s just awesome. He’s honestly one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He knows how projects go together and how to communicate that to other people. He knows problem-solving and finding solutions, he could really do any role here.”

A great example of that is Halverson’s role as an emergency superintendent for a project in Fort Worth, Texas, where the company is renovating a historic theater in the Fort Worth Stockyards complex for use as an entertainment venue. The project superintendent fell ill and Halverson agreed to fly down to Texas to fill in at the spur of the moment.

“I already had a handle on what was going on there and it made the most sense because it was going to be hopefully a short-time thing,” he said with a laugh. “Over the years I’ve been thrown into situations like that.”

He’s also a master of high-tech systems not normally associated with field superintendents. Whether it’s a matter of using CAD, Revit, Excel, or a Total Station, he is an outstanding problem solver and lifelong learner.

“He’s one of the biggest eyes on the ground for me,” Stern said. “When he gets the sense something is going sideways on a project he’ll give me a call and his tech skills often come in handy.”

For his part, Halverson said he avoids politics and simply tries to help out when he can.

“When I see somebody doing something that could be improved, it brings the stories to mind, and there are a lot of them floating around in my head, 20 years of seeing every problem,” he said.



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