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Pastor fills essential spiritual role at CCI

By: Josh Kulla//November 3, 2020//

Pastor fills essential spiritual role at CCI

By: Josh Kulla//November 3, 2020//

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Unsung Hero of the Year -  Pastor Jim Melvin – CCI
Unsung Hero of the Year –
Pastor Jim Melvin – CCI

Pastor Jim Melvin fulfills the relatively rare role of corporate chaplain for a construction company. In his case, it’s Corporate Contractors of Beloit.

Melvin provides spiritual and emotional support to the company’s many employees. His work provides the firm’s staff with the sort of intangible support and resources that are impossible to put a price tag on.

“Anybody can agree that work is one of the biggest stressors in life,” said Heather Dobson, CCI director of business and workforce development. “So, having somebody who can have a part in helping people through that is important to us.”

Melvin spent 28 years in charge of the First Lutheran Church in Janesville before retiring. Now in his 70s, he stays busy serving as the chaplain for CCI, as well as Blackhawk Trucking, both of which are owned by the Hendricks Holding Co.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, he finds his services more welcome now than even before..

“It’s even more important now than ever,” Melvin said. “I have gone mostly to a virtual model, where I do regular, direct email to every employee each week dealing with spiritual topics and trying to keep people to stay positive or soliciting people, if they’re struggling, to call me.”

He has found this system simply works.

“This has been a better ministry than I had in the church,” he said. “I’m working with the most open people and the most honest relationships.”

In his three years at CCI, he has done quite a few job site visits, attending social functions and even presiding over a wedding or two.

“I had a chance to develop personal relationships before COVID,” he said. “But it’s all about relationships and trust.”

It makes all the difference to the company’s employees, Dobson said.

“In light of everything right now, with people feeling uneasy with everything,” she said. “Him reaching out to our associates just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ and ‘I hope you’re doing well,’ it’s really powerful for some of our associates that maybe wouldn’t have reached out to him. It means a lot.”


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