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Rice is up to the challenge at Hunzinger

Anton Rice -  Hunzinger Construction

Anton Rice –
Hunzinger Construction

Anton Rice knew from the beginning that working at Hunzinger would be a great experience.

Rice, who started at the company in June 2016, said he was immediately called on to grow and learn on the job.

“There are so many opportunities to work on-site right in the midst of construction, which is an excellent way to expand your construction knowledge,” he said.

Rice has a bachelor’s of science in civil engineering from Marquette University and has worked on a variety of projects over the past few years, including the renovation of Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, the Uline distribution centers and the new 200,000-square-foot office building for Milwaukee Electric Tool, as well as their façade-renovation project.

“I like that every day brings news experiences and problems that need answers,” Rice said. “Each day is a new challenge and an opportunity to tackle an issue and learn something new. The best part is completing a project and being able to genuinely say you played an important part in its success.”

Joan Zepecki, Hunzinger diversity and community-outreach coordinator, said Rice “understands hard work perseverance and determination and is willing to learn and get better every day.”

As a project manager in a fast-paced setting, Rice said the hardest part of his job is setting his priorities.

“Oftentimes, when on the jobsite you are pulled in many directions that all need answers fairly quickly,” he said. “Being able to stay organized and on top of your workflow is a never-ending challenge, but enjoyable as well because there is a sense of great accomplishment once items are crossed off the to-do list.”

Outside work, Rice said enjoys running, skiing, backpacking and camping.

“Going on a new adventure with my wife and our dog is one of those moments that I cherish the most,” he said.

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