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Trucksa keeps on trucking at Hunzinger

Casey Trucksa -  Hunzinger Construction

Casey Trucksa –
Hunzinger Construction

Right after he turned 18, fresh off a carpentry apprenticeship, Casey Trucksa was encouraged to apply for a job with Hunzinger Construction.

“I knew little to nothing about the complexity of the construction industry at the time, but I knew I wanted to work for a general contractor so I could experience a wide range of different work,” Trucksa recalled. “Hunzinger fit.”

Trucksa is a field supervisor at Hunzinger and has worked for the company for nearly six years.

“Everything about Casey is awesome,” said Joan Zepecki, diversity and community outreach coordinator at Hunzinger. “He is really smart. He is a super hard worker. He has an almost innate understanding of how things are built. He is a true builder.”

The hardest part of his job, Trucksa said, is keeping all of the different pieces moving while staying productive.

“There are so many parts to put together on any given project, and every part needs to be put in the right place at the right time,” he said. “I don’t just have to know my trade, I have to know every trade and their scope to make sure nothing is missed.”

Zepecki said that Trucksa sets an example for other workers, and is someone they can learn from.

“Casey is also a strong mentor and teacher,” she said. “He has learned from the best, and he freely and skillfully shares that knowledge with other workers.”

According to Trucksa: “I like being the guy that everybody comes to for answers. It makes every day a new challenge, and I enjoy finding solutions to a problem, especially when I come up with some sort of think-outside-the-box solution; I get really excited explaining it.”

Outside work, Trucksa enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

“We bought a new camper last year, so I’m looking forward to taking more trips with them,” he said.

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