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Maiken Westphal named VP of Westphal & Co.

Maiken Westphal

Maiken Westphal

Maiken Westphal has been named vice president of Madison-based Westphal & Co. She represents the fourth generation of the Westphal family to serve as an officer in the family’s electrical construction business.

Maiken is a 2009 graduate of UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. She began working for the company in college as a Summer Helper Electrician on construction projects in the Madison area and has been with the company full-time since 2012.

She has held the positions of estimator, project manager and project executive. As project executive, she leads the company’s operations in the Healthcare and Science & Technology markets. Since 2015, Maiken has been involved in the company’s Business Development and PreConstruction efforts.

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