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State DOJ obtains $75K judgment for asbestos violations

The companies involved with the construction of a U-Haul center in Oshkosh must pay $75,000 for violating Wisconsin’s asbestos laws.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice obtained the judgment against Alliance Construction and Design in Wrightstown, Amerco Real Estate Company and U-Haul Co. of Wisconsin on Jan. 19.

In 2018, the companies started demolishing a building in Oshkosh to make way for a U-Haul center. The complaint said they didn’t inspect for asbestos before starting the renovation work, didn’t remove and adequately wet the asbestos before disturbing it, and didn’t have someone trained in asbestos handling and removal present during the renovation work.

The parties reached a compromise agreement on Jan. 15 before the litigation, and Winnebago County Judge Scott Woldt signed off on the deal on Jan. 19. The order requires Alliance to pay $37,500 of the penalties, and makes AREC and U-Haul of Wisconsin responsible for the other half of the $75,000 in forfeitures, surcharges and court costs.

In a statement, Attorney General Josh Kaul said companies must do their part to protect Wisconsinites from the serious health risks of asbestos.

Assistant Attorney General Sarah C. Geers represented the state in the case.

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