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UW System orders audit into UW-Madison bidding process

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The University of Wisconsin System ordered auditors Thursday to review how UW-Madison handled bids on a project to streamline the school’s administration.

The school was looking for a vendor last year to start its Administrative Transformation Program, a massive effort to move administrative services such as payroll to a cloud-based system, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

One of the vendors, Deloitte Consulting, alleged last month that UW-Madison officials allowed two competitors, Huron and Accenture, to help craft part of the bid and then submitted bids. Huron won an $808,000 contract and Accenture a $819,000 contract. Deloitte said that amounts to a conflict of interest.

UW-Madison purchasing officials said they’ve canceled requests for all future bids until the review is complete.

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