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JobTrac is now Project Center

The Daily Reporter’s online bidding service is now the Wisconsin Project Center.

We’ve added many additional features to the service, but two things haven’t changed: The price and the same local Wisconsin staff digging up jobs to help you land work and make money.

The new Project Center includes key features:

  • Aggregated project leads from more than 700 sources across Wisconsin and the surrounding area using real industry experts to ensure the fastest, most reliable and comprehensive information.
  • Project profiles updated regularly with scope, owner, status, key dates, project contacts, documents, addendum and results.
  • Ability to track projects and set preferences to ensure a relevant flow of information that cuts through the clutter.
  • A personalized daily email with new projects that meet your preferences, updates to your tracked projects, projects bidding soon, the latest bid results and breaking industry headlines.
  • Project bid results with firms and amounts to stay informed and support business development.
  • Engaged member businesses looking for collaboration and partnerships.
  • Access to our project reporters to ensure we’re sourcing the work you’re looking for.
  • Access to thousands of past projects to help identify industry trends and improve win-rate.
  • Access to locally sourced industry news and data not accessible anywhere else.


Take a free tour anytime by reaching out to Project Center Manager Rich Holevoet at (414) 225-1822 and/or [email protected].


  1. Rebranding an emaciated product always works! Good job?

  2. If that’s how you are going to report the highway letting bids received and awards in the print edition, I think you’re better off not reporting them at all in the print edition. No-one in the office can made heads or tails of 70% of it; most of the reason is in the lack of formatting of the bids and amounts that equate to no proposal. Very confusing.

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