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Johnson still undecided on 2022 Senate run

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican, said Thursday he remains undecided about seeking a third term in 2022 and feels no pressure to make up his mind any time soon.

Johnson said during a virtual Milwaukee Press Club event that he understands that former President Donald Trump and others are encouraging him to run. Johnson previously pledged not to serve more than two terms, but has since walked that back.

Johnson said his “primary goal” is to keep the seat in Republican control.

“I’m going to do nothing to hamper our ability as the Republican Party to retain this seat,” Johnson said.

Numerous Republicans are considering running if Johnson steps down, and several Democrats have already launched their campaigns.

When asked if he wants to decide before August, a year before the 2022 primary, Johnson said he didn’t feel pressure to decide by then. Johnson didn’t decide to run in 2010 until late April of that year.

“I had plenty of time at that point in time,” Johnson said.

By announcing earlier, “All you’re doing is just causing more people to raise more money and spend it in a wasteful manner,” Johnson said.

Johnson also refused to recommend that people get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

“I’m in a position, not being a physician, not being a doctor, to not discourage or encourage, to make those kinds of recommendations,” he said.

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