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Froedtert Health Parking Area No. 6

Amid a recent increase in admissions and outpatient visits, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin has seen greater demand for parking.

To meet the need, the medical complex built a five-level parking structure. GRAEF led the design team for the $60 million project. The 3,305-stall structure was built to last 50 years with only minimal maintenance. Its concrete and post-tensioned design allowed the building to be put up in four separate, 5-story phases, each brought into service while the others were under construction.

Standing on the east side of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center complex, the parking structure is an attractive presence on 87th Street and serves as a buffer for nearby neighborhoods. The Froedtert parking structure includes the first permanent natural gas-fired snow melter to be installed in the state. It also contains state-of-the-art lighting and security systems and a two-level addition to acocmmodate future parking needs.

Consulting a recent traffic study, the project designers knew that an equal number of staff vehicles arrive from the north as from the south, so separate entry points were built. The structure is well lighted, completely screened in on its first floor and has high-speed overhead garage doors.

Location: The Froedtert Health campus in Wauwatosa
Project size: $60 million – 3,305 stalls
Project cost: $60 million
Start date: April 2018
Completion date: December 2020
Nominator: GRAEF
General contractor: C.G. Schmidt
Architect: Eppstein Uhen Architects
Engineer: GRAEF
Owner: Froedtert Health
Subcontractors: Riv/Crete Ready-Mix

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