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Jurowski stepping down as head of Building Advantage

Nathan Jurowski, executive director of Building Advantage, has announced plans to step down and go into private practice. Building Advantage plans to begin searching for a successor soon.

Nathan Jurowski is stepping down from the union construction advocate Building Advantage at the end of November after two years leading the organization.

Jurowski took over as Building Advantage’s executive director in November 2019 after a four-year stint as general counsel at the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee. A lawyer, Jurowski will leave Building Advantage at the end of November to start his own private practice in South Milwaukee dealing with labor and employment law.

Jurowski said on Monday that he decided to step down after taking time to reflect and recognizing that the law remains his calling.

“That’s really where my heart is,” he said. “Over the past 6 or 9 months, maybe even 12 months, I’ve been realizing that the time is right for me to go back to the legal profession.”

An executive board composed of six labor and six management representatives will lead the search for a new executive director. Jurowski said the next director ideally would be someone who is “well-connected and can get plugged in quickly.” The candidate could hail from any number of occupations ranging from the trades to local government to project development.

“It could be someone familiar with real estate or development and the financing of putting a deal together,” Jurowski said. “And then they can learn the construction side. So there are lots of different ways it could play out.”

Dan Bukiewicz, president of the Milwaukee Building-Construction Trades Council and a chairman of Building Advantage’s executive board, said Building Advantage is accepting applications for the director’s position now. He agreed with Jurowski that candidates from any number of backgrounds could be well-suited to the job.

“We are looking for somebody who knows the southeastern Wisconsin area and understands the labor markets here and definitely the regional issues,” Bukiewicz said.

Building Advantage represents more than 600 contractors and 20,000 tradespeople in southeast Wisconsin and generally promotes the benefits of union construction. Jurowski joined Building Advantage following a yearlong search to replace its former executive director, Ken Kraemer, who was at the head of the group for a decade. The organization was established by the Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin and is backed by various labor unions and management associations.

– Dan Shaw of The Daily Reporter contributed to this report.

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