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Brayton follows family examples into lifelong career at Miron

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Jeff Brayton – Miron Construction

Jeff Brayton – Miron Construction

With an uncle, a brother and two cousins who either worked or still work at Miron Construction, Jeff Brayton speaks with authority when he says his employer is a company that supports “family values.”

Brayton’s own career at the Neenah-based general contractor has seen him rise from being a carpenter apprentice all the way up project superintendent over the course of 22 years. That time has also had him working on everything from various projects at the Aspirus Hospital campus in Wausau to a new corporate office and manufacturing plant for Belmark Inc. in De Pere to a new school for the Notre Dame district in the same city.

Brayton said his work gives him a sense of accomplishment.

“I love going into a site and there is nothing there,” he said. “And then, when you walk away and you’ve done the work, you can physically see what you’ve done. I also love that you’re constantly meeting new people. And then there’s the challenge of bringing together the schedules and budgets of whatever it is you’re building.”

Brayton’s colleagues admire him for his ability to cope with the stressful side of the job.

“Jeff’s ability to appear calm and collected under pressure allows him to be respected as a leader and provides confidence to everyone around him that we will achieve our goal for whatever is placed in front of us,” said Tim Kippenhan, Miron vice president and chief operating officer.

Brayton said he has been lucky to have always had people around him who could help him learn and grow as he advanced in his career.

“As a superintendent, you can’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions,” he said. “There’s no way one person can know it all. So you have to be a sponge and absorb a little of everything. Don’t just look at your narrow field. Broaden that out and ask questions of other trades in other companies to find out: Why are you doing it that way?”

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