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Rodenkirch staying steps ahead of ever-changing industry

Project Manager of the Year
Andie Rodenkirch – Hunzinger Construction

Andie Rodenkirch – Hunzinger Construction

Andie Rodenkirch, a senior project manager at Hunzinger Construction, is wrapping up a job he calls the highlight of his career – the construction of a headquarters and manufacturing plant for Komatsu Mining Corp.

Rodenkirch is charged with managing site development for the project. So far, the work has had him helping to clean up a lakefront site contaminated from decades of industrial use.

“If you go back, and not that far, and look at photos of what the property looked like before and see the investment it’s incredible,” Rodenkirch said. “Komatsu should be commended for taking a rundown property and revitalizing it – it is so impactful. It’s helped and will help the community for years to come.”

Also as part of the job, Rodenkirch oversaw a management plan for the handling of contaminated material from the site. Before it could be carried out, it had to be approved by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Rodenkirch also oversaw work to remove bricks that were buried at the site when it previously served as a landfill. Crews later used some of those same materials to produce stone aggregate to lay under paved surfaces at the site. The construction team also encountered a number of undocumented utility connections — each of which needed to be reworked or redesigned.

As the pandemic took hold, Rodenkirch found himself overseeing compliance with protocols used to prevent the spread of the virus.

Rodenkirch said he’s forever driven to find ways to improve his work practices. On the Komatsu project, for instance, he used the mining company’s Smart Construction Technology to do earthwork in a more accurate and less expensive way than was otherwise possible.

“This business, construction, is always changing, and you have to keep learning or you will fail,” he said. “There are always new materials and methods and technology is changing so fast that you have to keep up.”

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