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Verheyen uses tech to become ‘model’ employee at Hunzinger

Innovator of the Year
Tim Verheyen – Hunzinger Construction

Tim Verheyen – Hunzinger Construction

Tim Verheyen is using cutting-edge modeling technology to push the limits of project planning.

Verheyen, vice president of pre-construction and construction technical services at Hunzinger, is overseeing a company initiative to map out a project with a degree of precision made possible only by emerging technology.

Verheyen oversees the company’s Virtual Design and Construction Coordination program, which produces models of projects using perspectives that have only recently become available to contractors. The system takes into account a project’s sequencing and budget in ways that save time and money.

“I want to continue to search for the latest technical innovations and push new technology in the industry to make it safer and more efficient with less waste of resources,” he said.

Verheyen said Hunzinger has used the technology on the company’s construction of a new headquarters and manufacturing plant for Komatsu in Milwaukee’s harbor district. The system has helped Hunzinger consider its processes remotely and exert control over its construction planning, scheduling and costs in close to real time.

The technology allows the contractor’s partners to spend time on the most important aspects of a job rather than mundane tasks, Verheyen said.

“It has proven to be an invaluable planning tool that enhances the efficiency of the entire project team and frees up team members for analytical thinking,” he said.

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