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Vierling does award-winning design work for Bray

Interior Designer of the Year
Stephanie Vierling – Bray Architects

Stephanie Vierling – Bray Architects

Since joining Bray Architects in 2018, Stephanie Vierling has overseen many award-winning projects.

Vierling, interior-design manager at the firm, won an American Society of Interior Designers gold award for her work on the Friendship Learning Center in North Fond du Lac. She was also part of a team that worked on the Forest Edge Elementary School in Fitchburg, which was recognized as a Daily Reporter Top Project of 2020.

“I have never seen someone successfully balance so many projects at once or pull a materials palette as fast as she can,” said Mary Biwer, an interior designer at Bray who works closely with Vierling.

Colleagues describe Vierling as a strong and dedicated manager. She is confident in her own abilities and also a master of inspiring confidence in her team members. She has built a solid support system by conducting check-in meetings to offer guidance, celebrating achievements and identifying opportunities for improvement.

“While she takes her job seriously and exhibits the utmost professionalism in her leadership role, Stephanie always maintains a sense of humor,” said AJ Zandt, marketing content specialist at Bray. “Even amid a demanding schedule, she makes time to laugh with her team.”

Vierling can trace her interest in art and design to her childhood, when she was a self-described “little artist” making drawings, paintings and cardboard buildings.

“I’m fortunate to have taken my childhood passion and found the grown-up version — interior design,” she said. “One of my favorite parts of design is participating in charrettes and working with creative people to synthesize the way we experience the spaces we live in. All of this creativity is fueled by a constant supply of snacks and candy, which I always have on hand.”

Outside work, Vierling said she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and going to the pool, zoo and local parks.

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