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C.G. Schmidt bringing on first-ever youth apprenticeship student

Pictured from left to right are: Ryan Schmidt and Aaron Smith of C.G. Schmidt; Cooks; and Shelley Anderson and Mike Abuls, also of C.G. Schmidt. (Photo courtesy of C.G. Schmidt)

Representatives of C.G. Schmidt, Racine Unified School District, the carpenter’s unions and others gather on Jan. 21 at the Belle City Square project site in Racine to celebrate Jamarion Cooks, a senior at Horlick High School, who was signing a letter of intent to join C.G. Schmidt as a youth apprentice in carpentry.

Cooks is C.G. Schmidt’s first-ever youth apprenticeship appointment. The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program allows high school students to learn about various industries by doing hands-on work in them while still in school. Cooks was chosen from a group of seven finalists because of his achievements in school, interest and knowledge in carpentry and proven ability to step in and help his classmates.

Abuls, C.G. Schmidt chief operating officer, said, “We are committed to supporting our educators in introducing our youth to construction and trade work, and we have the capacity to create jobs for students like Jamarion and provide valuable job training to build their careers.”

Cooks will begin his apprenticeship on the Belle City Square apartment project, formerly the Horlick Malted Milk Factory, in Racine.

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