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Albrecht ‘a great leader,’ passionate about her work

Kara Albrecht –
Bray Architects

Kara Albrecht’s attention to detail is part of what distinguishes her from others in architecture.

Albrecht, a senior project specialist at Bray Architects, has extensive experience overseeing and coordinating architectural and engineering assessments of existing projects — the foundation of any successful master plan.

She has overseen facility-condition assessments for districts of all sizes and has evaluated millions of square feet of pre-K-12 educational space in support of master-planning efforts.

As the leader of Bray’s predesign team, Albrecht guides her group of emerging professionals through assessments and the preparation of master planning documents. She regularly meets with her team to answer questions and provide the resources they need to be successful.

Her fellow employees at Bray say Albrecht is a great mentor who is always looking for ways to improve her team.

“Kara is a great leader because she is always working extra hard to make sure things are moving smoothly with our team, project work and clients,” said Britani Tuchscherer, senior project coordinator.

“Kara brings such a light and joy to the office,” added Miranda Hassler, project coordinator. “She comes to work every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to work and help others. She is passionate about her work and the work we do as a firm.”

Albrecht said that the most rewarding part of her job is being able to make a difference for people in their daily lives.

“As a mom, I get to see some of the spaces that our team at Bray has designed when I drop off or pick up my son from school,” she said.

“Seeing people enjoy and engage in spaces that are designed to support their daily activities is both rewarding, as well as intriguing to see what was most successful about the design of each space.”

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