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At Symbiont, Dressler finds career in helping protect environment

Jennifer Dressler –
Symbiont Science, Engineering and Construction

Some people might be intimidated by the need for big-picture problem-solving, but for Jennifer Dressler, it was exactly what drew her a career in structural engineering.

Twenty-eight years later, she’s still taking satisfaction from being able to see projects go from being mere plans to completed structures.

Dressler is the director of project management at Symbiont Science, Engineering and Construction, where she started as a staff engineer before rising up the ranks.

Throughout her accomplished career, she has helped foster new engineers, many of whom then grew with the company and became managers themselves. Dressler said she enjoys guiding people through different stages of their careers.

“Helping others find their niche and become successful is deeply rewarding,” she said.

She likes being a part of projects that make the planet cleaner, such as projects related to wastewater and renewable natural gas.

“I like helping to improve the world instead of just covering it in concrete,” she said.

One of the highlights of her career is managing the largest engineering, procurement and construction project in Symbiont’s 40-year history — a $40 million design-build agriculture project related to renewable natural gas for a national energy company. The finished operation will process raw biogas into pipeline-quality renewable natural gas to serve the company’s customers and fuel vehicles.

The benefits to the environment include reducing emissions, providing renewable energy and significantly improving surrounding water quality by protecting local streams from runoff. For this ongoing project, she manages nearly 200 people — from engineers to subconsultants to construction managers and laborers.

“Jennifer believes in the importance of giving back, and she continuously commits to volunteering in her local community,” said her colleague Kirk Kusick.

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