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Frank quickly makes mark as senior project manager at Mortenson

Ashley Frank –

With more than a decade of experience, Ashley Frank has made her mark in the construction industry as one of the region’s leading project managers.

Frank, senior project manager at Mortenson, joined the company in 2016 as an assistant project manager and was quickly promoted up the ranks. She now oversees every stage of her projects, ranging from the design work to final occupancy. She is also responsible for contract administration, procurement, subcontract awards, scheduling, costing, risk management and quality control.

“She works closely with the superintendents and craftworkers to ensure a safe work environment and that projects stay on schedule,” said her colleague, Lauren Giannini. “Overseeing the project, she also maintains effective and efficient working relationships with the owner and project partners.”

Frank first became interested in building things as a child. In middle school, all of her art projects were in some way related to architecture.

“In my senior year of high school, I worked half days for an architect and decided that I was not as interested in drawing as I was in other aspects of building, so I refocused my efforts in college down a construction management path,” she said. “To this day, I don’t think there is another industry that I would rather be involved in.”

People in the construction industry are always striving to improve. One of the hardest parts of her job is just keeping up.

“We need to constantly be open to change and acceptance of new ideas, along with being able to implement these changes,” she said. “Sometimes it feels like we are changing a process, procedure and standard before the last round has been fully implemented.”

Outside work, Frank volunteers through her daughter’s school and church events. She also gives her time to the United Way volunteer team, participating in activities such as yard cleanups.

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