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From dream homes to a dream career, Kolp decades of experience to VJS

Jennifer Kolp –
VJS Construction Services

Jennifer Kolp makes it a point to continuously improve her techniques to make sure she’s providing clients with the best work possible.

Kolp, a senior estimator with VJS Construction Services, has been in the industry for 20 years. She works closely with architects, engineers and consultants to analyze and establish a guaranteed price and provide advice on cost alternatives.

“She spends time learning about and understanding the building design and is an active participant, bringing in multiple material and product options to the design team,” said Scott Ramlow, president of Ramlow/Stein Architects.

“In terms of communicating the estimate to architect and owner, Jen is the best we work with. She adds detail to her cost models in an accessible and plain spoke way, with examples and graphics, that make it very easy for the owner to understand what they are getting for the building cost.”

Kolp said she first became interested in the construction industry when she was growing up. One her favorite things to do then was to draw up house plans of dream homes for friends.

“I worked at Menards in the lumber yard to learn the materials, and I worked for a homebuilder selling model homes. It has always been something I was interested in doing.”

One of Kolp’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to pass on industry knowledge and make use of best practices. She recently collaborated with her team member Sitlalic Aguilar to develop an estimate for a school district project.

Because she was working on a similar project that was bid at the same time, Kolp was able to guide Aguilar through the estimating procedures.

“Because of everything she has taught me and continues to teach me, I can honestly say I became a better estimator. I am able to do things more efficiently and in a timely manner,” said Aguilar.

Outside work, Kolp volunteers at Montessori School of Waukesha, where she helps with maintenance, painting and power-washing patios.

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