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Tebon embraces challenges that come with each new project

Jennifer Tebon –
Stevens Construction

For Jennifer Tebon, each project presents a new puzzle to work through.

“There are new players to work with and a new set of circumstances on each project,” said Tebon, vice president of accounting and shareholder with Stevens Construction. “I love the opportunity to work with others to come up with the most efficient way to work through each new challenge.”

Tebon joined Stevens in March 2002 as company controller. She became its first female shareholder in 2011 and was promoted to vice president of accounting in 2017. She has served on Stevens’ board of directors since 2018.

“She approaches each conversation with integrity and the overall objective to find the best solution that works for everyone,” said her colleague, Robyn Ogden. “She has been a leader in making all accounting and project management systems more efficient and effective for each department within the company.

“Jenny tirelessly works to make these systems better, more streamlined and effective at-risk management. Her efforts have positively impacted everyone in the company from our project coordinators and accounting department to our superintendents and project managers. Jenny is a core leader of the company in finance and accounting, risk management and software improvement and implementation.”

Some of the biggest obstacles in Tebon’s career have also presented the greatest opportunities for improvement. Take the pandemic, for example.

“COVID challenged our team to become more efficient while working in new ways and locations,” she said. “It has also allowed us the opportunity to continue to provide a better work-life balance for our team in the wake of COVID. For example, we can now work around a sick child, a quarantined mom or a refrigerator delivery.”

Tebon and her husband, Scott, are avid athletes. Outside of work, they enjoy traveling to run in marathons.

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