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Data helps charge Koeppe and his business, CLOCworks

Service Provider of the Year –
James Koeppe, CLOCworks Inc.

James Koeppe started his business from a blank sheet of paper.

“Developing the product and growing the business through COVID was difficult, and sometimes I look back and wonder how we did it,” said Koeppe, president of CLOCworks Inc.

CLOCworks is a new technology in the data-as-a-service field. It helps building managers attack the high demand and fuel adjustment fees that power companies charge large consumers of electric. The data provided by this proprietary software allows facility managers to perform load shifting and optimization measures without changing production.

The primary markets for CLOCworks are schools, wastewater treatment plants and large manufacturing plants.

The company was founded by a group of engineers determined to use their technical skills to develop products and services to combat climate change. CLOCworks’ data-as-a-service platform helps businesses and consumers lower their electric bills, improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprints.

“We want to bring this product and service to clients across the country,” Koeppe said. “So currently, our focus and challenge is scaling to go national, while continuing to improve the quality and value of CLOCworks’ product and service.”

Koeppe worked in the microchip business for many years as a design engineer. Prior to founding CLOCworks, he was working for an energy firm that sold battery and solar systems.

Getting into clean technology was always one of his interests.

“When we founded CLOCworks the focus was always on the data, and what our clients could do with the data.”

Koeppe said what he enjoys most about his job are the challenges that come with it and the people he works with.

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