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Jansen at the heart of notable projects throughout distinguished career

Kevin O’Toole Lifetime Achievement Award – Jon Jansen, Hunzinger Construction

Over his 36-year career with Hunzinger Construction, Jon Jansen has helped shape some of the most high-profile and important projects in Milwaukee – the types of projects that change skylines and neighborhoods.

A graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Jansen started his career as a project engineer with Hunzinger in 1986, and his first assignment was building the Bradley Center.

Thirty years later, he served as the project executive for the demolition of the Bradley Center as well as the leader of the team that built the Milwaukee Bucks Entertainment District — now known simply as the Deer District.

Other notable projects that Jansen has been a part of include The Historic Third Ward Streetscaping Project, Westlawn Gardens, the Komatsu South Harbor Campus, Park Lafayette Apartments and Bayshore Town Center.

Today, Jansen’s title is vice president of project management development/project executive. He has also served as a mentor to dozens of construction professionals, showing them the best way to run projects.

“Mentoring young professionals in the industry and within our organization is very rewarding,” Jansen said. “I was mentored by John and Jim Hunzinger and Kevin O’Toole throughout my career, and I came to realize how important these daily interactions can be to the next generation.”

Colleagues marvel at his ability to manage the details and intricacies of incredibly complex projects. Despite his workload, Jansen manages to do it all with a steady temperament and a dry sense of humor.

“Every single day you confront a new set of challenges, and when resolved the result is an incredible finished product,” he said.

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