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Montonati pushes Miron’s inclusion efforts forward

Communicator of the Year –
Sara Montonati, Miron Construction

Sara Montonati never hesitates to raise her hand to take on a new project or help others.

Montonati, public relations specialist for Miron Construction, is described by colleagues as both “a ray of sunshine” and a “protective mama bear.”

Before coming to Miron, she worked for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Red Shoes PR. She served as Miron’s client solutions strategist and account executive for many years before joining the company full time.

Montonati has now been at Miron for four years, and during that time she has elevated internal communications. She also creates content for multiple publications within the organization that range from sustainability and culture to field operations and risk management.

Additionally, she plays a key role in the creation of communications shared by clients with their key stakeholders and communities.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sara on all of our Miron projects,” said Jim Strick, communications director for the Neenah Joint School District. “She has had a significant impact on showcasing the progress and value of our projects to the community.

“Sara brings professional communications expertise and a keen eye for detail to everything she does. Even outside of our Miron projects, Sara is a great resource who is always willing to help and quick to respond.”

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, upending workplaces worldwide, Montonati played a critical role in gathering information and formulating content and materials. She helped turn topics that were often convoluted into digestible pieces of information.

Montonati also has a deep passion for inclusion, as well as infusing diversity and equity into the workplace. While her current position centers around communications and public relations, she has elected to take on a new role within the firm to move Miron’s diversity efforts forward.

“I cherish the opportunity to help navigate Miron through diversity and inclusion efforts to instill a safe, welcoming and equitable organization for our employees and partners,” she said.

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