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Problem solving is no problem for Potts

Estimator of the Year –
Sam Potts, JP Cullen

One of Sam Potts’ passions is helping to build projects that have a lasting impact on communities.

“Every day presents new challenges and problems to solve,” said Potts, an estimator for JP Cullen. “I get a lot of gratification from problem-solving to help others achieve their mission and add value to their organizations.”

Potts joined JP Cullen after college and quickly made a strong first impression. She was assigned to the University of Wisconsin Camp Randall Student Athlete Performance Center project, seeing it to the end.

“I love taking my friends and family to my projects and showing them what I helped build,” Potts said. “I also am fortunate to work with so many great people that make it fun to come to work.”

A few years after joining JP Cullen, Potts was elected vice president of the company’s Young Leaders Group, which consists of about 50 colleagues who have been with the company for five years or less. The purpose of the group is to further the development of its members through shared learning. Potts served in that role for two years, bringing many great ideas to the company.

Potts also enjoys mentoring others. One of her mentees is Ryan Hastings, a fellow estimator who Potts has been training on preconstruction for the Edgewood Campus School project.

“There have been several instances in working with the architect and client where I have been very impressed,” Hastings said. “With the architect, she has very tactfully kept some site concerns top of mind as the project moves forward. She has also made a few constructability recommendations that will eliminate potential future issues with the building.

“With the client, she has presented budgets very simply and clearly, so they were able to follow along and understand her logic. The client had a few concerns with building maintenance, and Sam was able to research historical project data to respond to those concerns, which in turn impressed them.”

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