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Sheahan lends a calming presence to job sites, overcomes challenges

Senior Project Manager of the Year –
Jon Sheahan, Hunzinger Construction

Under normal circumstances, managing the Komatsu South Harbor Manufacturing Facility project would have been a complex undertaking. Insert a global pandemic and you’ve got an even bigger challenge.

But those hurdles didn’t faze Jon Sheahan, senior project manager for Hunzinger Construction. Sheahan made sure his team followed strict COVID protocols and procedures throughout the project.

The Komatsu South Harbor Manufacturing Facility sits on a 57-acre brownfield site redevelopment. It includes a new 180,000-sqaure-foot office and experience center, a 550-car parking structure and a 430,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with 65 individual machine foundations.

Sheahan worked with Komatsu to manage the machine installation crews that came from over a dozen different countries — all traveling during the pandemic and having to follow quarantine and other COVID safety protocols. While many of the design and project management crew worked remote, all field crews and several management staff worked on-site throughout the construction, which often posed a challenge for coordination.

Construction of the Komatsu facility began in October 2020 and was completed in April 2022.

In addition to his work for Komatsu, Sheahan has completed manufacturing and industrial projects for Toshiba, Caterpillar, Johnson Controls, Badger Meter, WE Energies and Foxconn.

With 20 years of experience, Sheahan has become one of the top industrial project managers in the region. He works hard, has an intense attention to detail, communicates effectively and sets an expectation of high-quality work on his projects.

According to his colleagues, Sheahan brings humor and a steady calm to his approach, establishing a confident tone on the job site. He has been a strong mentor to the assistant project managers and project engineers just starting out in the business.

Outside of work, Sheahan is a husband and father of three who makes family time a priority despite the demands of his job.

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