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Gov. Evers proposes $10 million for clean energy initiatives in state tour

Wisconsin clean energy initiatives

An electric car receiving a charge. Gov. Tony Evers will tour Wisconsin to highlight proposals for a clean energy economy, which includes expansion for electric vehicle infrastructure. Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.

Gov. Tony Evers will travel across the state this week to highlight clean energy workforce, infrastructure and economy initiatives in his 2023-25 biennial budget to build a clean energy economy, the governor’s office announced Tuesday.

The governor’s budget for the next two years includes investments for a clean energy economy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy efficiency and promoting forestry jobs, the governor’s office said. The 2023-35 budget was drafted by the governor, but the Republican-controlled Legislature will ultimately approve a final budget.

Evers’ proposals include providing $10 million for a clean energy job training and reemployment program, the governor’s office said. Another proposal will include $145,000 and one project position at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to help review and permit solar energy projects.

The governor also included plans for utility-owned battery storage facilities to calculate and share revenue utility aid payments to counties and municipalities, to encourage construction of renewable energy storage facilities and incentivize local governments to host the utility properties.

Another proposal will establish a program to use federal funding to build out the state’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the governor’s office said. The state could use $34.5 million in federal funding and potential state funds to expand the use of electric vehicles throughout the state.

“Wisconsinites shouldn’t have to choose between mitigating climate change and protecting our environment and good-paying jobs and economic development—we must do both,” Evers said in a statement.

“Building a clean energy economy here in Wisconsin is a top priority and a major focus of our budget. From investing in clean energy and clean job promotion, like bolstering our forestry industry and building out our state’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to supporting innovative programs that were introduced in our Clean Energy Plan that reduce reliance on out-of-state energy sources and lower energy bills for working families, our budget works to ensure that we can meet our clean energy and workforce needs both today and in the future,” Evers added.

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