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Focusing on the connection between mental, physical health

By: BridgeTower Media Newswires//April 7, 2023//

Focusing on the connection between mental, physical health

By: BridgeTower Media Newswires//April 7, 2023//

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Bruce Morton is a senior loss control consultant in the Milwaukee office of Marsh McLennan Agency. He can be reached at [email protected].

After talking with a few friends of mine I realized that we really need to be cognizant of people’s differentiating personalities when communicating with them. Being an introvert or extrovert puts people in a different mental health space and can factor into how that person works, communicates, or socializes.

Personally, I am an extrovert and tend to fear that I might miss out on something. I feel this need to have something to do every day and every weekend. This can take a toll on my physical and mental health. I have learned I don’t need to join all the groups that are out there and to allow for an open weekend to relax with family. Making new friends at work and outside of work can be great. It doesn’t matter what their personality is, we all are social animals and need that contact in one way or another. It could be getting coffee or a drink or could just be a weekly text check in. A few years ago I reconnected with a friend who had moved away from Wisconsin. It’s been great checking in with each other!

And don’t take offense if someone doesn’t text back or if you don’t get as many likes on LinkedIn or Instagram as you were hoping. I post on LinkedIn quite a bit and tend to check to see if I get a bunch of likes or who is giving them. This can be a social media trap and can consume your mental health space. It is great to share your thoughts but try to do it without expectation. Try to focus on what others might get out of it.

I have friends who are introverted, and you would never expect it. One is a wellness trainer, and the other is a personal trainer. I was shocked when they told me they were introverted as they are in front of people most days. Even people whose job focuses on daily socializing and helping others might need extra down time after all their interactions. But both of them say they also know they need to socialize outside of work. Doing that in a small setting is therapeutic for them.

On May 18, our next Wisconsin Construction Wellness Community meeting will focus on focusing on the connection between mental health and physical health. We will have three great speakers.

  • Deanna Marincic – Gal’s Institute – Meet the Therapists and Counselors | Gals Institute Delafield
  • Kat Musni – Kitty Hug Fitness – Kitty Hug Fitness
  • Scott Law – Athletico – Athletico Physical Therapy – Outpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

These speakers will share their professional and personal journeys about how this topic is so important at work and in life.

As we navigate through life just remember that everyone’s personality may be different, but we need to work together and live together in a proper manner to make everyone’s life better and happier.


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