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CUTTING CORNERS: 2 years after fatal Sun Prairie explosion, implicated driller appears to be back in Wisconsin

An explosion and fire erupted in downtown Sun Prairie on July 10, 2018, after a contractor hit an unmarked natural gas line. Nearly two years later, one contractor implicated in the explosion, VC Tech, has yet to pay the $25,000 fine levied by the Public Service Commission for violations that resulted in the explosion, a spokesman said. (Photo courtesy of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Jim and Calvin Jensen surveyed an intersection for a job installing fiber optic cable in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, during the summer of 2018. They did not like what they saw. The dense suburb east of Madison had a lot of old buildings, and a web of pipelines was lurkking beneath their feet, Calvin would later tell detectives.

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COLUMN: Tips for negotiating ‘force majeure’ clauses amid COVID-19


“Force majeure” is a French phrase meaning “superior force.” It is also the name given to a common contract clause, which has the effect of excusing a party’s performance under the contract upon the occurrence of certain events beyond the parties’ control and which make a party’s performance under the contract impossible or unreasonably impracticable.

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