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The rise and targeting of the independent contractor

John Schulze is director of government and legal affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin.

Nearly 20% of jobs in the United States are now some form of non-traditional worker-company relationship, like independent contractor. Independent contractor work is appealing for both the worker and the company. The contractor has the benefit of setting prices, work hours, type of work and completion schedule. It also has the freedom and flexibility to staff to meet their needs and reduce training time and costs.

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NOT MEASURING C&D WASTE? Then you might be losing money

Travis Blomberg is executive director of WasteCap Resource Solutions.

When contractors need to move mounds of waste during a demolition project, it is easy to say waste management is top of mind. But a significant amount of waste — about 54 million tons according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — is generated in new construction and renovations. When waste management isn’t a priority, these materials are often sent to the landfill. Some might consider this the easiest route, but it’s also the most expensive and environmentally detrimental.

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