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Even The Terminator advises helping

Matt Pommer Is it right that we help people who may have overextended themselves financially and then lost their jobs? That question was posed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as President Barack Obama pushed economic recovery plans. “Look, this is ...

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WTA doesn’t deserve bad rap

Matt Pommer A powerful Democratic legislator is busy trying to discredit the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, contending that it is “a biased special interest with strong ties to both a large business lobby and the Republican Party.” For 77 years the ...

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Income-based tuition could be nightmare

Matt Pommer Gov. Jim Doyle floated the populist idea that only those from families with $60,000-plus annual incomes would pay higher University of Wisconsin tuition next fall. Regardless of the merits of the idea, it could be a nightmare to ...

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