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Social media provides instant feedback on State of the State

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker acknowledges the gallery before his address to a joint session of the Legislature on Tuesday in the Assembly chambers. (AP photo)

Not everyone waited until after Gov. Scott Walker finished speaking to share thoughts on his first State of the State address Tuesday.

And thanks to social media, the ability to give feedback was only a smartphone away.

Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, live-tweeted Walker’s address. As Walker touted his special session meant to create jobs, an apparently unimpressed Hulsey tweeted, “Gov. Walker talk is a snow job that creates no jobs.”

Later, Walker spoke about work that needs to be done to Milwaukee’s Zoo Interchange bridge.

“I challenged the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to look at new ways to reconstruct our state’s busiest interchange – the Zoo Interchange – which is used by 350,000 people a day,” Walker said. “Our transportation leaders met the challenge and developed a plan that will start the project ahead of schedule and save the taxpayer’s 600 million dollars.”

Hulsey, again unimpressed, tweeted, “Let’s see the zoo plan.”

And Hulsey’s conclusion on Walker’s speech?

“He is leading us in the race to the bottom.”

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