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Sen. Jon Erpenbach: Gov. Scott Walker disregarded employees’ safety

Traffic on U.S. Highway 12/14 in Madison moves at a crawl as drivers navigate accumulating snows and high winds Tuesday. (AP Photo)

Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, blasted Gov. Scott Walker for requiring state employees to work Wednesday following a snow storm that brought more than a foot of snow in many areas of Wisconsin.

Walker declared a state of emergency and closed state buildings to the public, but workers still had to show up for duty or take a vacation day to stay home.

“It’s irresponsible; it’s reckless,” Erpenbach said. “If you’re working the counter at (the Department of Transportation), selling licenses and whatever, and your building is closed to the public and your boss is telling you to come to work, you’ve got to really question that job.”

While many lawmakers stayed at hotels around the Capitol, Erpenbach said they and Walker were unaware of just how hard it was for workers to show up Wednesday.

“Gov. Walker woke up to, I guarantee you, a plowed driveway, a warm Suburban, and he’s not getting stuck in a ditch,” Erpenbach said. “A lot of state employees risked their lives. I know some (legislators) don’t know how bad it was, but it was bad.

“I would hope the next time this does happen, the governor uses better judgment.”


  1. Our office was open for work and I made it by 5:20 a.m.. Typical gov employee wanting day off instead of doing their civil duty

  2. This is Wisconsin. In the winter it snows. In the summer it rains.
    I am sure Erpanbach would like it to be sunny and 72 degrees every day, but the rest of us live in the real world and have learned how to deal with it.

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