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OPINION: With contractors having wrong incentives, school referendums running amuck


On Oct. 11, Bob Barker of the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin took exception to comments I made to a Daily Reporter journalist about the statewide spike in proposed referendum spending. I am glad this issue is getting the attention it deserves. I want to set the record straight, both in regards to the statewide scale of this phenomenon and the assertions made by Barker.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ABC’s defense of Gov. Walker falls flat

Dave Branson

A recent letter to the editor from John Mielke of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin made the argument that Gov. Scott Walker has been the biggest cheerleader for apprenticeship throughout Wisconsin, and he closes his piece by claiming “we should not distort reality.”

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COMMENTARY: Contractors and design professionals provide valuable services to public owners

Bob Barker

Last week, The Daily Reporter posted an article about school districts’ referendum requests heading into the Nov. 6 election. The article, with no attribution or data to support its claim, stated: “Construction companies have also become more aggressive about pushing for higher school spending.”

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Governor Walker’s support of apprenticeship isn’t new

John Mielke

Last month, Associated Builders & Contractors held one of Wisconsin’s first-ever “Apprenticeship Signing Days,” replicating signing-day events that are held for high-performing student athletes recruited into four-year universities to play sports.

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