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Give credit where it’s due

Hal Brown Dolan Media Newswires Portland, OR – Much has been written about the breakdown in the national credit markets. Nearly every day we hear banks are not lending and credit is nonexistent. As long as the myth of credit ...

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Stimulus will build roads to recovery

Mike Salsgiver Dolan Media Newswires Portland, OR – Now that President Barack Obama and Congress have passed the federal stimulus bill, the real work begins. States, communities and businesses must sift through the 1,073-page bill to understand money allocations, spending ...

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WTA doesn’t deserve bad rap

Matt Pommer A powerful Democratic legislator is busy trying to discredit the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, contending that it is “a biased special interest with strong ties to both a large business lobby and the Republican Party.” For 77 years the ...

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LEED tops green building programs

Howard Carsman and Janet Kim Lin Dolan Media Newswires Portland, OR – Green building rating systems share essential principles, but the application, documentation and certification procedures for each program vary, as do costs. Here’s how the systems stack up: BREEAM ...

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Income-based tuition could be nightmare

Matt Pommer Gov. Jim Doyle floated the populist idea that only those from families with $60,000-plus annual incomes would pay higher University of Wisconsin tuition next fall. Regardless of the merits of the idea, it could be a nightmare to ...

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